So Kobayashi are a group of musicians, right?

Yes. Kobayashi are a strange band. Not strange as in weird (except, maybe for guitarist, Alan) but strange as in hard-to-define. Muse, Basement Jaxx, Roxy Music, Queen, James Brown, Tom Waits, The Stooges, Gomez, and Bowie are just some of the artists we've been compared to. We don't try to sound like any of them.

This awkward lack of pigeon-hole is also reflected in our so-called game-plan. Having taken almost two years to make Minus – the album that critics called "one hell of a debut" and "frankly inspiring" – we decided to step away from expensive studios and spend about a month recording Everything to Everyone: the result of our collaboration with new drummer, Mark.

Having obsessed over the sonic perfection and high-end precision that was our LP, we decided (almost overnight) to go punk on the recordings and throw video in to the mix. With James swapping his bass for a film camera and Matt shouting directions, rather than lyrics, we set about lining the streets of our stomping-grounds – South London and the South Coast – with red carpet to create the ambitious and peculiar Public Persona video. We've since followed this up with the epic and quirky superhero adventure, Becoming The Same.

Today, video feels like the natural home for our alt-rock soundtracks. Tomorrow, who knows? We're enjoying the present far too much to think about the future and, with an on-going gig roster of London, Croydon and Brighton, we're too busy to care...