The Recorder

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"A complicated yet endearing mosaic of sound."

– God is in the TV


"Koybayashi have truly succeeded in having crafted a collection which is as playful as it is sincere and serious."

– The Circle Pit



The name

The band has a favourite film – The Usual Suspects. In it, Kobayashi – immortalised by the late, great Pete Postlethwaite – is a shady lawyer, a walking contradiction, promising riches but emitting a quiet threat. We chose the name for our band because we happened to be drinking in the same pub as a Postlethwaite lookalike the night we realised we needed to christen the elusive monster we had created.

The ethos

But Kobayashi is a contradiction – four men with often diametrically opposed views, attempting to meet somewhere within a venn diagram of shared musical interest that probably looks like the ruined veneer of a beer-ringed pub table. There is frequent disagreement. There is sometimes conflict. But, like all vital organisms, we thrive on this motion, we feed off this tension. Let’s be clear – we love the music we make (and we hope you will too) but the process of creation for us is like trying to birth beauty from chaos and impose order on a sort of glorious confusion.

The sound

So, what does it sound like? Well, we’ve covered this before – the comparisons we’ve picked up are so varied as to be almost ridiculous (where, for example, would Mr Bungle meet David Bowie?). So you can decide for yourself on our Bandcamp page. Is it rock? Ostensibly. Alternative? Almost certainly. Electronic? In places, very much so. But it’s so much more than genre tags. On our latest album – essentially our sophomore long-player – you will hear a metal waltz, a punked-up EDM anthem, heavy rock, gentle piano, a whole slew of four-part harmonies and more than one progressive work-out.

The Recorder

The Recorder took a long time to make and took the very best of our abilities to do so. It is a fitting crescendo to an almost decade-long adventure, spanning dozens of gigs in London and Brighton, a glorious year-long residency at Croydon’s Scream Lounge, a long-awaited Battle of the Bands victory, numerous (and mostly unsolicited) offers of representation, unsung artistry on YouTube, some very loyal friends, two weddings, several road-trips, many wonderful nights out, and numerous unforgettable bouts of amnesia.